We are thrilled to introduce our racing shoe: the Hummingbird. Designed for speed and responsiveness, this minimalist shoe is perfect for runners seeking a close-to-the-ground feel and an aggressive edge. Here’s why the Hummingbird is the ideal choice for those who crave a fast and dynamic running experience.

The HUMMINGBIRD model is available by custom order only. To order your pair, please write to us at info@yul-run.com.

Features of the "Hummingbird" Model

  • Racer, minimalist, fast, and responsive: The Hummingbird is built for speed, offering a minimalist design that ensures you stay light and agile on your feet.
  • Close to the ground: Experience a more connected and natural running feel with the Hummingbird’s low-profile design.
  • Aggressive: Engineered for performance, the Hummingbird's aggressive features make it perfect for competitive runners.
  • Available Versions: Choose between the road version and the trail version, according to your needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Minimalist T1 sole (∑¹ symbol on the back of the shoe): Benefit from the lightweight and responsive T1 sole technology. This sole ensures minimal interference with your natural stride, providing a direct and efficient transfer of energy.
  • 4mm drop: With a 4mm drop, the Hummingbird offers a low and balanced platform that promotes a natural running posture and quick transitions.

Why Choose the Hummingbird?

  • Speed: The Hummingbird is designed for racers who need to maximize their speed and responsiveness.
  • Minimalism: Its minimalist construction reduces weight and provides a more direct feel of the ground, enhancing your connection to the terrain.
  • Performance: With its low drop and aggressive design, the Hummingbird supports rapid and efficient running.

Runner Reviews

Runners who have tested the Hummingbird are impressed by its responsiveness and close-to-the-ground feel. They particularly appreciate its minimalist design and the aggressive performance it offers. The Hummingbird has quickly become a favorite among athletes looking to boost their performance in competitions.


The Hummingbird is more than just a running shoe. It is a performance tool that helps you achieve your speed and responsiveness goals. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this exceptional model and add it to your running shoe collection.

To learn more or to place an order, visit our website or contact our team. We look forward to helping you enhance your running experience with the Hummingbird.