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BLACK FRIDAY: the ideal gift for your favorite runner?
By YUL, December 2021
Surprise them!
The holidays are approaching fast. If there is a member of your family or those around you who practices running, you must surprise them! As we know, runners see far and plan ahead. You will surely surprise any runner with items specially designed to meet his needs.
A must stop: the store
This Black Friday, we have selected the perfect items for you to slip into your favorite runner's Christmas stocking, and by applying the promo code: VIP30, get 30% off all items in store!
Because it protects from the sun and even the rain during trainings, it remains the ideal element for anyone who wants to go out for a run! Maybe your favorite runner also likes to make sure everything matches their athletic kit. Visit the store to discover the YUL colors, which will undoubtedly conquer the heart of your favorite athlete!
So light you'll forget it! There's a big chance that cap will be part of all his runs from spring to fall!
Something to pamper the feet of your favorite athlete. He or she will inevitably notice this softness and from its first run, they will tell you how much they hold in place and give him the comfort he needs.
Made of a breathable fabric that dries quickly and offers the support you need where you need it. Enough to cover a few more miles on Strava without blisters, without pain!
All instock products are delivered within 48 hours, at all times!
** Applicable on capssocks  and road and trail shoes in inventory only.
The sooner you do it, the more likely you'll avoid inventory shortages. Order caps, socks and shoes now identified in inventory in the YUL store and our team will work to deliver them to you within 48 hours!
The Gift card - A no brainer
Do you ignore their needs? The gift card is perfect! They will enjoy shopping in the YUL store and discovering the collections offered. You will make him/her happy for sure. This will allow him/her to complete his wardrobe when they need it. In addition, it is applicable at all times, throughout the year, even when the time comes for pre-orders. All's left to do is choosing the colors ... Big question !!! In addition to stumbling upon a product suited to one's needs, this choice turns out to be the wisest in choosing the local economy.
Contributes directly to the economy here!
In addition to stumbling upon a product suited to one's needs, this choice turns out to be the wisest in favoring the local economy.
Headquartered in Montreal, YUL run supports employment in Quebec. As of its launch in 2021, it created 5 positions. Your purchase will directly contribute to maintaining these jobs.
Have you been shopping online more frequently since the start of the pandemic? Is this a habit that you will keep?
In the first wave of the pandemic, "... more than 70% of Canadian holiday shoppers say they are browsing online," according to an article published on Think with Google in november 2020.
Several merchants have opted for greater visibility online than in stores, which is the case with YUL which is mostly available online. You could very well make great finds on the web by reaching local traders more easily.
The recently published white paper by Montreal-based marketing company Rablab highlights this fact: `` ... the conversion rate of online stores peaked between November 23 and November 30, 2021, which coincides with the period Black Friday and Cyber Monday. '' (Article on major online shopping trends from Isarta.
At YUL, even online, you get the 100% satisfaction guarantee. YUL's. policy includes free exchanges and returns for all unused or only barely tested products. Clothing must bear the original labels. The exchange / return period is 60 days from the date of receipt. You have everything to gain!
You will inevitably make people happy by slipping YUL products into your favorite sportsman's Christmas stocking. And you just have to visit the store regularly and follow us on social networks so that you don't miss any of the new products that YUL has in store for you!!

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